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Your Own Oil Well

Oil and Gas Investments & Tax Advantages

It’s difficult to argue against investing in the highly tax-advantaged oil industry in today’s economy. It’s a commodity that continues to thrive and produce a variety of incentives for our accredited investors. The future of oil is booming. Own your oil well and reap the unprecedented oil and gas tax benefits while producing a steady monthly, and often untaxed, passive revenue.

Accredited investors seek the benefits of the unequaled tax write offs that investing in oil wells provides, along with the excitement of being an active participant in oil well exploration. Our cutting edge technology and industry leading experience guide us in acquiring leases in known productive regions while minimizing costs and risk.

The Past is Not Our Future

Oil drilling investments saw a steady decline after 1970 with worry the USA had simply dried up. Income from oil and gas suffered and investing in oil wells was a bad bet.

What’s changed? Technology and ingenuity. From 2008 to today, OilBoomUSA has been using innovative drilling techniques to dig productive wells and create success for our joint ventures.

Oil Boom USA Helps Investors

We’ve been doing this for 14 years, and have well over 50 years of experience between our specialists in oil and gas exploration. We are here to succeed in all of our ventures, and our success is your success. Roger Festor, one of the founders of OilBoomUSA, says: “We will help you every step of the way, from how to buy wells to what oil and gas tax advantages are available. We keep you well informed on OilBoomUSA news and deliver a K-1 report every year.”

Making the Tax Benefits Work for You

Your investment in us as an oil exploration company is an Intangible Drilling Cost (or IDC) and is subject to use as a deductible to offset active and ordinary income at an alarming 80% of investment. For those subjected to an AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) due to particularly high income, as a non-preference item, IDC deductions can reduce your adjusted gross income lowering your AMT.