Current Prospects


Shallow Woodbine Oil and Gas In-field Development Drilling – Leon County, TX

This Woodbine Oil Trend was discovered in the early 1950’s with the establishment of commercial oil and natural gas production from the Woodbine Sand. Historical in-field per well vertical well cumulative production exceeds 90,000 BO. Wells produce high API gravity oil (39°), very little water, and are very long lived. Recent Woodbine sand horizontal well development in the Pleasant Ridge area in south central Leon County, Texas located within the Woodbine/Eaglebine Play, has resulted in some of the strongest performing oil and gas wells found anywhere throughout the region.

Horizontal well in-field infill development and field extension continues today. Oil and natural gas are found contained within stratigraphic traps occurring along a regional southeast dipping monocline. Horizontal and vertical wells having higher cumulative production are located in areas having the best reservoir properties.

Isopach maps show the prospective acreage is ideally centered in a north to south trending productive fairway of wells having the greatest IP’s, highest EUR’s and largest cumulative total production. Horizontal wells drilled in the heart of the reservoir are world class producers of oil and natural gas. The Leona Prospect offers a rare opportunity for participation in just such a world class well.

Total Leasehold for the Leona Prospect is over 226 acres. Which, if successful, provides acreage for offset wells.

  • Shallow depth: Oil & Gas <7,200 ft.
  • De-Risked, In-field Development PUD Drilling Project
  • Existing Oil & Gas Gathering Infrastructure
  • Centered in an Established, Active and Prolific World Class Woodbine Oil Trend
  • Estimated Well Reserves: up to 474,000+ BO (Horizontal)
  • Long Life & Low Decline Oil Reserves and Multiple Pay Zones

UPDATE The southern Louisiana prospect, West Delta Farms #5 well, has settled into production rates of about 60 barrels of oil and 300 MCF of natural gas per day.

UPDATE The Jal Northeast Prospect is completely funded. The well will drill in early 2015.

UPDATE The Perryton Joint Venture, Pope 4H well, has drilled to total depth. We are waiting on a rig to begin completion work. (see pics below)

UPDATE The Palo Duro well began drilling on 12/16/2014. We will keep investors updated as drilling progresses.

Perryton Prospect Pics

NOTE: Past performance of an oil well is no guarantee of the future performance of another well. The possibility of a dry hole is always present.